Donald Trump Essay Example

Economic growth is important to a countries wellbeing in that it allows citizens to increase their total expenditure, leading to a rise in standard of living and consumption. Donald Trump entered office when the national GDP growth rate was at 1.8% and has increased that number to 4.2% in a single quarter of 2018 according to CNNPolitics. To put that into perspective, about every 7 out of 10 dollars is spent by the American consumer, and this number increased around 4% (numbers from NPR’s Chris Arnold). If this economic success were to continue its current trend, the United States would usher in a new golden age with a boost to standard of living, higher wages and public services. 

In the same frame, job growth is a major factor in a countries wellbeing. According to whitehouse.govs, Trumps Administration Accomplishments, almost 4 million jobs have been created since Trumps election and that more Americans are now employed than ever in the history of the United States. Although job growth and economic growth are closely related, its falsely assumed that economic growth means jobs will follow. This is not always the case. President Trump has done well to promote job flow as job openings have hit their highest numbers in the past eighteen years. Creation of jobs- mainly the right jobs- is the key to lifting millions of Americans out of poverty, empowering women and developing a strong economy. Continuation of recent numbers will surely be boasted about in the upcoming 2020 election, and rightfully so. 

The position of president gives it’s owner the ability to spearhead America’s endeavors. It also creates a massive persona around one man and his accomplishments, and even more so, his failures. When looking at how a president should act as the figurehead of his country, Trump has many times overstepped certain boundaries. The first, would be professionalism. On Twitter, Trump called out Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, "Lightweight Senator @RandPaul should focus on trying to get elected in Kentucky--- a great state which is embarrassed by him.”. It’s blatantly obvious as to why this is unprofessional to do. The implications of such a comment don’t bode well for President Trump. The American people shouldn’t see their president ‘calling out’ important figures in the National Government on Twitter. Trump has a bad habit of doing this overseas too. In November of 2017, Trump once again took to Twitter, this time to harass Kim Jong Un, the communist leader of North Korea. Trumps tweet reads “Why would Kim Jong-un insult me by calling me "old," when I would NEVER call him "short and fat?"”. This ‘schoolyard’ taunt, a small spark really, could have caused the gasoline that is North Korea and United State relations to burst aflame. The president should never be the catalyst in a catastrophe. Being unprofessional in a job as important as president, is a spell for disaster. 

At the heart of it all, a citizen of the United States would most likely want their president to stand up for what’s right. Amidst the hottest and most controversial topics in America right now, stands Trump and the immigration issue. President Trump and his administration are completely ignoring the U.S law which “grants migrants the right to seek protection in the United States”. Their direct passing of the “Remain in Mexico” policy, has pushed away 35,578 asylum seekers within seven months. One third of these migrants are forced to withdraw back to cities “that the U.S State Department considers some of the most dangerous in the world”. Here, these asylum seeking immigrants are subjected to assault, extortion and rape. The foundation of the U.S Immigration system is being violated as our Homeland Security officials “[deny] asylum seekers’ rights and knowingly [put] them at risk of physical harm”. In short, Trumps unconstitutional policy is directly putting immigrant lives in danger. The reality of today stands in stark contrast to George Washingtons stance on immigration in1783. “America is open to receive not only the opulent and respectable stranger, but the oppressed and persecuted of all nations and religions,” he said. Trumps erroneous policy combats the word of one of our country's Founding Fathers. In this situation, it’s unlikely President Trump holds the favor of America’s people, as he does not look out for the rights of those being maltreated. The President turning away innocent asylum seeking immigrants does not bode well for the United States; ‘A Nation Built by Immigrants’.